Specialty Classes

Montessori education starting from 12 months old.

Our Specialty Classes

At Durham Montessori School & Daycare, we offer a wide range of specialized classes that are designed to enhance student development and learning in an integrated manner. Specifically, our music, French, gym, library, and computer classes are offered on a set schedule each week, allowing students to take full advantage of the unique opportunities that each of these subjects has to offer. These classes are carefully developed in accordance with the Montessori curriculum framework so that they seamlessly fit into our students’ daily experiences in the classroom. Whether through exploring different musical instruments or learning new vocabulary words in another language, students benefit from these special classes by becoming well-rounded learners who can thrive both inside and outside of the classroom. With Durham Montessori School & Daycare, it’s clear that every day is filled with exciting possibilities!


Our music program is playful and creative yet structured.  It is designed to help students develop an appreciation of music and find it to be a lifelong source of enjoyment!  Through vocal and instrumental exercises, games, activities and songs, children learn the fundamentals of music!


During French classes at Durham Montessori School and Daycare, our children are gradually introduced to the French language and develop a solid foundation for future learning. Our teachers use a unique program called AIM (Accelerative Integrative Method).  This successful program allows language to be attainable for several types of learners.  Apart from learning simple words and conversational skills, children are taught in a fun and interactive manner using props, action songs, stories and more!


At Durham Montessori School and Daycare, we do not just focus on the child’s developing minds but also enhance their large motor skills through regular exercise which in turn, is essential to their overall health and well being. Children learn important basic skills such as special awareness, balance, and stability.  They learn ball skills such as rolling, bouncing, throwing and kicking and how to be an important team player while having a great deal of fun!

Movement is also an integral part of the prepared environment where children work on activities throughout the classroom and participate and interact in songs and games during circle time.  Children are also taken outside to our playground twice a day for an hour at a time.


We are delighted to be able to offer our children a choice of many wonderful books to inspire our children’s imagination and spark a love of reading that will last a lifetime! During the library class, children are read a story by a teacher.  After the story is read, they are encouraged to discuss the story by answering questions pertaining to what was read to them.  Once the discussion has ended, the children are then invited to borrow a book to take home and read with their families for the week from the Library Cart that is brought into the classroom.  Borrowing books, they must care for and then return, helps children learn about responsibility and trustworthiness.  We believe these classes are essential; reading skills and lay the foundation for children’s success! Reading comprehension ensures the understanding of the written word and opens doors for future achievements.