Our Programs & Age Groups

Our Programs and Age Groups

We offer programs for children ranging from ages 12 months, if your child is walking, to 5 years. We provide opportunities for indoor and outdoor activities:
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Toddlers Program – From ages 12 months – 36 months (3 yrs)

Ratio: 1 Teacher to 5 Toddlers

Our Toddler Program is based on the principle that young children learn best through direct hands-on experiences.  Our toddlers are encouraged to discover the world around them by exploring and playing with a purpose. They develop relationships with their teachers and friends, thereby fostering a sense of security and trust.  We have an abundant of materials and activities to stimulate the senses and promote holistic development. Our bright and cheerful rooms have lots of natural light. We provide parents with a daily report of their child’s day. The Daily Report which will include any milestones achieved, food eaten and diaper changes.

Preschoolers Program – From ages 36 months (3 yrs to 6 yrs)

Ratio: 1 Teacher to 8 Preschoolers

At this stage of a child’s development, they are becoming more independent and develop stronger social skills. Children who feel secure, respected and appreciated in their surroundings gain confidence. Our preschoolers learn school readiness skills to help them transition well into Kindergarten. We provide them with the perfect developmental materials, games, books and activities to occupy their curious, eager and energetic minds in the areas of science, math, language, sensory, creative arts, dramatic play and music.